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— Trendy samples for private label concepts
— Drink, feast and snack naturally
— Concepts for products with reduced sugar and salt, as well as sustainable packaging

At the “World of Private Label” (PLMA) international trade show, Symrise shows its natural offerings for the private label business. Large, medium and small retailers’ brands are riding this trend, and clearly benefit from it. On May 29 and 30, 2018, Symrise introduces its offerings around its code of nature® platform. Guests discover how concepts such as naturally delicious, environmentally friendly packaging and reduced sugar and salt work in and for food. At booth F-8105 in Hall 8 at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, visitors may try hip beverages, snacks and fresh concepts for the BBQ season, all while learning more about the raw materials used.

PLMA makes it clear: Consumers today want their food to be produced as naturally and sustainably as possible. Symrise understands this desire, and it has made naturalness for taste in food one of its core competencies, resulting in the development of its strategic platform code of nature®. This builds on four pillars: transparency, best natural, technology, and consumer value. “At PLMA in Amsterdam, we are showing how we develop sustainable and natural products for the private label industry. This plays a decisive role for all, the consumer, the economy and the environment as well,” says Dr. Alexander Lichter, Vice President Sales, Flavor Division EAME.

PLMA Concept Presents code of nature® for More Naturalness and Sustainability

At booth F-8105 in Hall 8, Symrise entices visitors with an assortment of unique drinks and snacks to taste test, like craft cola, alcohol-free beer, yogurt salad dressing and “homemade” potato crisps. With the help of its code of nature®, the company demonstrates how it is mindful of naturalness and sustainability along the entire value chain – from cultivation to the end consumer. Only the manufacturers who offer their customers the most natural products possible can be long-term leaders in their field.

Thanks to its four-pillar strategy, code of nature® individually meets customer and consumer demands. Fully transparent, the consumer can tell at first glance whether a product is made from responsibly sourced materials. With its carefully selected range of raw materials, Symrise delivers products with pure, natural ingredients. The company also ensures that, thanks to modern technology, its raw materials are processed as sustainably as possible. And, lastly, Symrise is committed to environmentally friendly packaging, such as glass bottles, and makes it possible to provide easily understood labeling of ingredients in order to win and maintain the trust of consumers.

About PLMA

For over 30 years, the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) has organized the international trade show in Amsterdam. Every year, supermarkets, drugstores, department stores, importers and exporters present the industry’s latest innovations and trends to the public.