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— SymEffect™ UV increases the effectiveness of organic and mineral UV filters
— Synergistic combination entirely based on natural raw materials
— Meets high consumer demands for sustainable cosmetics

Symrise introduces SymEffect™ UV and expands its functionals portfolio. The synergistic mixture of renewable ingredients enhances the effectiveness of organic and mineral UV filters. Starting in spring 2023, cosmetics manufacturers can use this sun protection factor (SPF) enhancer in their products. It also improves the sustainability profile of sunscreens because of its natural raw material base. With this product launch, Symrise is responding to the trend towards sustainable sun care.

Mineral and organic UV filters form the foundation of sun protection products. It represents a major challenge to manufacture high SPF sunscreens because it takes a high concentration of UV filters to achieve this task. In addition, some consumers put expectations on their UV filters which they find acceptable, what leads to challenges in the formulation. To help solve this task, Symrise has developed a naturally based solution to enhance SPF with SymEffectTM UV. This enables cosmetics manufacturers achieve higher protection at the same UV filters concentration in a product with the in-vivo tested ingredient. The UV protection booster can be easily incorporated into the oil phase of creams and lotions. SymEffect™ UV works well with emulsion based cosmetic products with sun protection factors, such as beach products, daily face creams and care products for children.

SymEffect™ UV offers highly effective and sustainable sun protection

“Consumers are increasingly asking for highly effective sunscreens and daily moisturizers with integrated sun protection that also protect the environment. With SymEffect™ UV, our customers can effectively increase the sun protection factor in their products. We support them in creating sustainable and plant-based sun care products with this synergistic mixture based on natural ingredients,” says Martina Issleib, Global Product Manager Functionals at Symrise.

SymEffect™ UV was shortlisted for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award for the functional category at in-cosmetics global 2023.


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