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Symrise exhibit at Gulfood Manufacturing 2019
— Customers in the Gulf region increasingly place emphasis on healthy food and beverages
— Consumers want functional enjoyment with taste and nutritional values
— Symrise presents a variety of natural recipes and oriental aromas

In the Middle East, more and more consumers want to eat healthy and wholesome food. The trend moves towards natural foods and drinks with less salt, sugar and fat. A trend for which Symrise is well positioned: The company presented itself once again at the Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition in Dubai in 2019 with a wide variety of innovative concepts for authentic and natural tastes.

Visitors could experience this large selection, based on the theme “Authentic Experiences through Authentic Taste” live from 29 to 31 October 2019 at the Dubai World Trade Center: At the largest international exhibition of the food processing industry with more than 1,600 exhibitors from all over the world, Symrise exhibited an extensive portfolio of concepts for delicious snacks and drinks. “The Megafair in Dubai provides a hub for business success in the region,” says Sofiane Berrahmoune, Sub Regional Director Flavors Africa Middle East, at Symrise. „We are all the more pleased that we have shown our customers with a diverse cultural and culinary background what we can do. “Apart from the Middle East, the strongly growing market for natural and healthy products also includes other different world regions such as the Indian subcontinent, Asia, Africa – and, of course, Europe.

Function and freshness for more enjoyment

“Our customers in the Gulf region are increasingly turning to authentic healthier and more natural foods,” Berrahmoune says. „People in the Middle East also love the taste of nature and want to do something good. “In addition to increasing consumer health awareness, many countries have introduced stricter regulations. For example, from 2020, the United Arab Emirates will impose a 50% sugar tax on beverages, and in Saudi Arabia, the introduction of salt regulation is highly discussed. All of the current and potential regulation and consumer changes in the region allowed Symrise to showcase future-oriented product solutions, in which the company illustrated its ability to perfectly balance taste in various formulations through the use of Symrise’s patented symlife® solutions. The concepts covered a wide range of products, from sugar-free to sweeteners and full sugar. Symrise also addressed modern millennial consumers’ desires with a grape hibiscus drink, a fruity drink with an added boost of vitamins and minerals whilst at the same time delivering great taste.

Pioneers in authenticity

In addition to beverage variations, the taste experts from Holzminden at Gulfood also presented savory dishes with an authentic meat taste, whether on a plant based meat alternative base or marinated chicken. Additional concepts presented included a spicy barbecue sauce, marinated chicken chocolate, pastries, snacks and calorie reduced sweets. Visitors from near and far could convince themselves of Symrise’s knowledge and ability to deliver taste solutions with authentic regional flavors such as mint, oriental rose and cardamom. “With more than 100 years of expertise and more than 30,000 products, we see ourselves as pioneers in the development towards natural enjoyment,” Berrahmoune affirms of Symrise at Gulfood Manufacturing. „In this way, we support customers all over the world in inspiring the growing number of food-conscious buyers with complete, authentic and tasty food solutions.

Gulfood Manufacturing is regarded as the largest fair for the food processing industry in the region. It took place in Dubai from 29 to 31.10.2019. Symrise received the award for the best stand design.