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AgroProdMash in Moscow

The Symrise team at AgroProdMash 2019

— The Group is introducing a portfolio tailored to the Russian market at AgroProdMash
— Stronger collaboration with the Russian meat industry is planned

Symrise is exhibiting at the AgroProdMash food trade show in Moscow from October 7–11, 2019 (booth 74C20). At the center is the presentation of its recently expanded expertise in flavors for meat products – “Complete Meat.”

The world of sausages, ham and meat specialties is enormous. Each market has its own individual product variations and traditional production methods with characteristic taste profiles. The Russian market for processed meats is particularly diverse and is growing remarkably fast. Here in Russia, consumers look for products that are both particularly affordable and high-quality. Their quality is determined by their possible use and, most importantly, their taste.
Authentic taste profiles are hence the key to success. Symrise has specialized in this segment and expanded its expertise in the meat industry. The taste experts are now presenting this and their newly developed product range under the brand name “Complete Meat” at Russia’s largest B2B meat trade show, AgroProdMash.

Researchers, flavorists, food technicians and chefs are working together to develop those authentic products that meet consumer demands in terms of taste and quality. This team precisely understands the local challenges for individual meat applications. Using special systems, Symrise can perfectly configure the variety of its production on an industrial scale in terms of texture, appearance, juiciness, mouthfeel and taste, and develop individual solutions.

“We want to work closely with local producers to develop perfect solutions together, striking the balance between good taste, high quality and affordability,” says Dirk Bennwitz, President Flavor Division EAME.

The completely new product range for the meat industry comprises taste solutions for local sausage delicacies developed especially for the Russian market. It includes precooked sausages, smoked sausages, grill marinades from around the world, pâtés and cured ham, as well as meat snacks and vegan meatballs with authentic meat flavor. Visitors to AgroProdMash can sample these products and obtain information about Symrise’s meat expertise.

Producing an authentic meat product or one that’s plant-based requires a balanced composition of the ingredients used – including both flavor-providing and functional ingredients. Therefore, the “Complete Meat” portfolio includes different elements:

SymTaste provides intensive flavor components for authentic taste profiles of raw and precooked sausages or ham. SymBoost offers spice and herb extracts, for example, to round off the profile of select types of sausages. SymRed creates natural, authentic red meat coloring that remains stable in applications. Symrise also developed creative grill marinades based on recipes from around the world. Sausage products receive the right texture and preferred “bite” with the help of SymStab. Symrise also makes it possible for vegans to enjoy delicious meat-free meatballs that deliver the full taste and juiciness of meat. In this way, the company is addressing industry demand for complete solutions.

“In order to be successful and satisfy the desires of consumers, you have to cater to local taste preferences. That requires a tailored product range,” explains Andrey Buynov, Sales Director Eurasia at Symrise. "Thanks to the factory we opened in 2011, we can now produce locally while offering our customers German quality standards.”

Quality and sustainability as a competitive advantage

Russia was and is one of the biggest markets for the meat industry, so it’s also the first market in which Symrise has introduced its Complete Meat product range. “There is huge demand on the Russian market for meat production ingredients,” says Bennwitz. “The advantages for Symrise are in its quality and sustainability. With this, we want to convince the leading companies in the Russian meat industry of the benefits of a strategic partnership.”