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This press release is not a public offering to acquire shares. This press release is not and must not, directly or indirectly, be distributed in or to Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zeeland, South Africa, the United States or any other jurisdiction where further documents, registrations or other measures in addition to what is required under Swedish law would be required.

Symrise AG (“Symrise”) has acquired 11,010 shares in the Swedish company Probi AB (publ) (“Probi” or the “Company”), listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, whereupon Symrise holds 2,812,505 shares in Probi. Symrise’s holdings in the Company has thereby increased from around 29.91 per cent of the shares and votes to around 30.03 per cent of the shares and votes.

Symrise is, thus, obliged to launch a so called mandatory public offer to all shareholders in Probi. Symrise intends to, within four weeks, an-nounce information as regards a possible mandatory public offer for the remaining shares in the Company. If such mandatory public offer is launched, the offered price will amount to SEK 40.10 per share, which corresponds to the highest price paid by Symrise during the last six months.