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Symrise launches Flowerconcentrole

– Proven to target relaxation, joy, and other positive emotions for a mood-friendly sensory experience
– Easy to formulate and use while masking the smell of many formula bases and providing antimicrobial properties
– 100% of natural origin from sustainably sourced ingredients, in line with consumers’ clean beauty expectations

The Cosmetic Ingredients division at Symrise introduces Flowerconcentrole®. The collection of high-quality, easy-to-formulate olfactive flower extracts works well with all product and skin types. Thanks to Symrise’s Actimood® technology, the products in this range can bring mood-enhancing properties to formulations. This helps brands deliver neurocosmetic benefits to consumers in turn.

The transparent or slightly opalescent liquids of the Flowerconcentrole® products emanate a delicate and characteristic scent. They are harnessing the neuroscientific link between the olfactive properties of plant extracts and the stimulation of positive emotions. The new collection is proven to evoke feelings of relaxation, well-being, protection, joy, and freshness. With Flowerconcentrole®, skincare brands can reinvent cosmetic routines and capture opportunities in holistic skincare. They can offer a sensory experience that strengthens the connection between skin health and emotional well-being.

With this launch, Symrise makes another important contribution to the clean beauty movement. Flowerconcentrole®’s functional plant extracts are sustainably sourced from Madagascar, France, and Bulgaria – with full traceability to the field – using best ethical and environmental practices. Made from 100%-natural (in line with ISO 16128) and upcycled ingredients, and readily biodegradable, the collection helps brands meet the growing consumer demand for more sustainable cosmetics.

“We feel delighted to launch this new functional flower extract range, using our neuroscience capabilities to link olfactive skincare with mood enhancement,” says Marcus Höflich, Global Category Director Botanicals at Symrise. “People have associated botanicals with emotions for a long time. Flowerconcentrole® marks the next step in our 70-year journey as an innovator in this field, helping skincare brands release the full potential of flower extracts while caring for the environment.”

The products are easy to use and handle in any emulsion or water-based formula. This allows cold processing that saves both time and energy and therefore enables more sustainable operations. With their pleasant natural scent, Flowerconcentrole® products can also mask the smell of many formula bases. Further, the flower extracts Symrise has carefully selected are known for their antimicrobial properties, supporting consumer safety.

Symrise launches Flowerconcentrole

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