Symotion gets started with current website
— Website presents comprehensive logistics portfolio
— Logistics services for both Symrise and external customers
— Proximity to parent company via common graphic elements

On May 1, 2021, Symotion GmbH went online with its updated webpages The team of 185 at the company has chosen the motto “Good. Goods. Symotion”. Under this motto, the logistics experts show their portfolio of services that they offer internally for the parent company and externally for other companies. As a wholly-owned subsidiary, Symotion is responsible for logistics in the Symrise Group.

“We want to present our skill sets in an optimal way and attract external clients. For this reason, we have revised our entire external look and feel,” says Reinhard Nowak, Managing Director of Symotion AG. Symrise has relied on its own logistics for years. Since the IPO in 2006, Symotion has taken on this task as a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on logistics. It uses innovative IT software, a qualified and international network of experts and logistics partners and the expertise of its own employees.

The well-structured website, which went online on May 1, 2021, shows snippets of this work. It presents the different services on offer, like logistics solutions, project and contract logistics, storage of dangerous goods, packaging technology and logistics services. It also gives insights into the main areas of “Food” and “Chemicals and hazardous goods” and thoroughly explains the company’s expertise in various areas such as air cargo. “In doing so, its design pays tribute to the structure, care and reliability that characterize Symotion,” says Managing Director Nowak. The site also features photos of selected employees who have been photographed on behalf of all their colleagues: They give a face to the work of Symotion.

The revised webpages were preceded by a new corporate design that builds on the Symrise design and shows the independence of the subsidiary at the same time. The logotype and logomark consist of the Symrise logo and the Symotion lettering. Both are in green. This serves to differentiate the company from the parent company, which uses the color red. “At the same time, we are also illustrating our sustainable approach and the efficient use of resources,” adds Nowak. The slogan “Good. Goods. Symotion” also symbolizes the experience and reliability of the logistics experts. With specialized logistics services, Symotion delivers a variety of different products like sensitive raw materials with hazardous materials markers, food or cosmetic ingredients in any conceivable amount and quality at the agreed time to the right place.

About Symotion:

With its specialized logistics services, Symotion ensures that a vast array of products such as hazardous chemical materials, foods and cosmetic ingredients are available to our customers in the required quantity and quality at the agreed time and at the right place. In doing so, Symotion meets the highest safety and quality standards.

As a fully consolidated subsidiary of Symrise AG and an independent logistics provider, the company has a lot of experience. It is always up-to-date with the latest technologies and adjusts its processes according to current demand. Its approximately 185 employees have expanded their know-how over decades and sharpen their skills on an ongoing basis. The external customers, for whom Symotion develops tailored solutions, also benefit from this.

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Symotion gets started with current website