— Location to facilitate the research of domestic raw materials

— Establishment of development center for cosmetic and fragrance raw materials

— Contribution to social and economic development of the region

Symrise has opened its new production plant Symrise Amazon Ecoparque in Belém, Pará, in the Amazon region. The strategic investment is to facilitate the development of products for global beauty care. It also integrates sustainability aspects along the entire value chain – from sourcing and production to contributing to the social and economic development of the region.

Achim Daub, President Scent & Care at Symrise, opened the Symrise Amazon Ecoparque in a festive ceremony. Customers, local representatives from politics and industry participated in the opening.

“At this facility, we intend to bring the richness of the Amazon rainforest to the world’s beauty consumers. This is an important step to sustainably developing and producing ingredients for cosmetics and fragrances. We would like to thank the local communities, the city of Benevides, the State of Pará as well as our new partner Natura for the opportunity to make this vision in the Amazon region of Brazil a reality,” Achim Daub said in his opening speech.

Symrise established the location in the north of the Amazon region in close collaboration with its long-time partner Natura. Symrise invested over € 5 million to build its production plant on an area of 2,000 m2.

The plant provides access to a rich variety of plants that are native to the Amazon region and utilizes sophisticated, sustainable technologies so as to ensure that there is as little impact on the environment as possible. Symrise uses its patented SymTrap® technology to produce oils and butters. The air conditioning in the buildings runs on geothermal energy and botanical mineral filters purify wastewater and rain water for production. Symrise Amazon Ecoparque will also act as a research and development platform to create cosmetic ingredients for global use. Symrise will for instance work together with local universities and conduct scientific studies.

In addition, Symrise promotes the economic and social development of local municipals. The company supports already over 2,000 families in the region by working with them on the cultivation and harvest of raw materials. Symrise benefits in return from the centuries-old knowledge from indigenous people while adhering to the clear rules defined in the Convention on Biological Diversity. As part of the opening, Symrise donated a medical boat, which gives the communities better access to health care.

“Symrise appreciates how Natura works in the Ecoparque and thus contributes to regional social and economic improvement. That is why we decided to partner with them on this project,” said Ricardo Omori, President Scent & Care Latam at Symrise. “We will learn what fundamental elements are needed for such co-operations and use the insights around the world to combine sustainability and economic success. Thus, we can offer our customers efficient services for profitable growth.”

Symrise has partnered with Natura since its foundation in 1969. Natura uses fragrances for both its perfumery and personal care line as well as cosmetic ingredients for its personal care formulations.

About Symrise

Symrise is a global supplier of fragrances, flavors, cosmetic active ingredients and raw materials as well as functional ingredients. Its clients include manufacturers of perfumes, cosmetics, food and beverages, the pharmaceutical industry and producers of nutritional supplements and pet food.

Its sales of more than €2.1 billion in 2014 place Symrise among the top three companies in the global flavors and fragrances market. Headquartered in Holzminden, Germany, the Group is represented in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, the United States and Latin America.

Symrise works with its clients to develop new ideas and market-ready concepts for products that form an indispensable part of everyday life. Economic success and corporate responsibility are inextricably linked as part of this process. Symrise thus takes sustainability into account in every part of its corporate strategy. The company was awarded the German Sustainability Award in 2012. In 2013, Symrise was certified as a “Green Company” by DQS.

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