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— Scents from 13 renowned artists can be experienced at the exhibition
— Visitors can find out about the careers, inspiration and working methods of the perfumers

Nose to nose: Master Perfumer Maurice Roucel of Symrise presents three of his creations at the exhibition “Nez à Nez: Parfumeurs contemporains” at the Mudac Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland in collaboration with Nez, the olfactory Magazine. The works are “Insolence” by Guerlain, one of the oldest perfume manufacturers in the world, “Tocade” by Rochas and “Musc Ravageur” by Frédéric Malle. The exhibition will end on June 16, 2019.

The exhibition at the Mudac presents the work of 13 international renowned perfumers and reflects the diversity of contemporary perfumery art through their profiles. “Nez à Nez” illustrates the personality of the artists, who concentrate their work on transforming an idea, a feeling or a story into a scent.

Visitors get the opportunity to discover scents, experience their story and immerse into the world of fragrances or gain a new way to look at them. To experience the perfumes as envisioned in the concepts of the 13 artists, the scents are part of elements created by the London design studio Glithero.

This exhibition “goes much deeper” than previous ones

“This exhibition shows the art of perfumers beyond the traditional,” states Veronique Ferval, Vice President Creation Global Fine Fragrances at Symrise. “It goes much deeper and shows the visitor the entire scent universe. You can find out where and from whom the artists learned, what inspires them and how they work. We are very proud that our master perfumer, Maurice Roucel, is part of this exhibition of work.”

Maurice Roucel started his career in 1973. He worked at Chanel for six years as the lead chromatography chemist. Roucel started his training under Henry Robert, who at the time shaped Chanel's fragrance world as its perfumer. Before joining Symrise, Roucel worked for several renowned fragrance companies. The basis for his scents is usually musk, white flowers or amber. The native French won the Prix François Coty and the "Oscar of Perfume,” among others.

A book on the exhibition created jointly with the Musée de la main Lausanne „Sentir – ressentir. Parfumeurs, odeurs et émotions“ is available in French bookshops in Switzerland and as well on the au parfum website: