— Interesting insights into the worlds of scent and care, taste and nutrition
— Detailed in-depth information with explanatory illustrations

Symrise is now presenting itself worldwide with a new website. The all-new website of the company went live in English and German on November 27, 2018. The new pages allow visitors to click their way through the extensive portfolio of the German Group as well as browse stories about and based on the product applications.

“Many people hear about us for the first time when we speak to them. We want to change that. We demonstrate online how fascinating and inspiring the worlds of scent & care and taste & nutrition are. Our website has a fresher, more emotional look with more visuals,” says Reinhard Mühe, Director Corporate Communications Online & Digital Media at Symrise.

Vanilla, cranberry, bergamot, menthol, lavender and andiroba thus invite to embark on a journey through the new website. Visitors can learn about the decisive way in which these raw materials contribute to scent and care as well as taste and nutrition. As ingredients in foods, beverages, scents and cosmetics, they appeal to people’s senses all over the world and play an important role in their daily lives.

The website serving as a source of information

Symrise is using digital and social media to raise awareness of its new website, where users can access detailed information about Symrise products and applications. And the company will also continue to promote its tried-and-tested components. The newly created raw materials finder allows customers to locate ingredients in a targeted way. On the career pages, anyone who’s interested can learn about all of the career opportunities available and access the global Group’s job database via a link.

The website developers at Symrise consider the stories behind the products to be of particular importance. Where do scent and care as well as taste and nutrition come from? How do you extract plant substances, while protecting nature? How do you determine the optimal acceptance formula for dog and cat food? And how do you find out if it tastes good to fish? Visitors can read about this and a whole lot more on the company website.

A world tour with Symrise

Behind the scenes, readers can also have a look at Symrise’s approach to sustainability. They can get to know a variety of cultivation areas online and gain insight into the ecosystems. In many regions, supporting local small-scale farmers is part of Symrise’s mission. Symrise also explains on its website what else it does to minimize its environmental footprint and protect the environment and climate.

“We’re a global Group and tell stories from all over the world,” says Mühe. Users can travel the world on the Symrise website to get acquainted with the vanilla-growing regions in Madagascar, visit the Amazon rainforests and explore the aquacultures in Asia and South America. Or they can accompany Symrise perfumers on scent expeditions and marvel at the diversity of Brazilian, Indian and Arabian nature. “With our kaleidoscope of images and detailed information, we give people the opportunity to experience the world of Symrise,” explains Mühe.