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— Symrise launches eleven flavors for nutty sweetness
— “totally nuts” whisks you away into an interactive, virtual nut reality

The indulgence experts from Symrise are launching “totally nuts”, a range of nutty flavors. Eleven taste directions such as hazelnut, pistachio and peanut ensure the perfect gusto with a sweet twist. Symrise has also developed its own virtual reality format that provides customers with information while also addressing them on an emotional level. The global supplier of fragrances and flavorings invites you to enjoy a nut safari and experience a whole new form of communication.

The pun of “totally nuts” is definitely intended here. Admittedly, the idea of creating eleven nut flavors all at once is a little nuts. The flavor experts have already tested the entire range of flavors in cream fillings, cakes and cookies. The result: They’re the perfect complement to chocolates and baked goods. The range encompasses an extensive portfolio of taste solutions in the most important nut variations, from fresh to roasted. And “totally nuts” offers customers more than authentic nut taste. Symrise manufactures the products in an environmentally responsible way, meaning they conform with the company’s understanding of sustainability. The Holzminden employees also promise consistent quality for the nutty flavor at stable prices.

Symrise understands each and every nut component, and it decoded the complete hazelnut taste profile back in 1985. With this knowledge about the “nut DNA”, the flavor professionals have developed the key nuances of hazelnut, pistachio and peanut. All of them follow a fixed standard, and each of the nut flavors remains stable for a long time. The range primarily addresses demand in the Africa & Middle East (AME) region and in Turkey.

Connecting with the customer virtually is also a new idea. “We’d like to share our enthusiasm for good taste as well as bring it to life, which is why we’re eager to enter uncharted territory technologically speaking,” says Lisa Wulf, Junior Marketing Manager Sweet Flavor Division EAME of Symrise. “We shot a virtual reality film about the onion in 2017. With the nut, we’re going one step further and allowing the customer to participate actively.” With the Oculus Go headset, the viewer can experience nut flavors in virtual reality. This modern technology makes “totally nuts” exciting and emotional. Viewers can explore the nutty world of Symrise on their own and learn more about the nut flavor that interests them.