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Symrise's encapsulation solutions enable great tasting products!

Encapsulation solutions protect flavors during production, transport and storage of the final product. 
They increase flavor stability and ensure the desired taste release while taking into account the technical aspects and financial targets of the end products.
Treasuring the secrets of flavor - delivering and protecting great taste!

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The most comprehensive portfolio for encapsulation

Taste drives consumer preference. To deliver great taste, food and beverage products use flavors.
Sometimes the components of liquid flavors can evaporate or oxidize, leading to an undesired change in the taste profile over time or a loss of intensity. Taste encapsulation with evocore® locks in and protects great taste during production, transport and storage of the final food product right up until the moment the consumer enjoys it.

evocore® covers all taste encapsulation technologies

spray drying




Spray Drying

spray drying

Spray drying is a method of producing a dry powder from a slurry (emulsion) by atomizing the emulsion in a drying chamber with circulating hot air.



evogran® coating



Spray granulation is a fluidized bed process in which primary particles are fluidized in up streaming drying air while a flavor containing dispersion is atomized in the process chamber. Spray granulation leads to particles with a very narrow particle size distribution and a perfectly round shape.  



evoglass® SF



Hot melt extrusion involves mixing a flavor with molten sugar in the hot zones of the extruder. Extruded flavors have a greatly improved shelf-life, as they are captured in a frozen molten mass, which is an ideal oxygen barrier.

Drip Casting

drip casting


evocap® alginate


drip casting

The flavor to be encapsulated and the solution of the shell material are forced, simultaneously, through a special co-extrusion nozzle. The droplets are finally hardened.

Treasuring the secrets of flavor unleashing great taste

Through each product in its broad family of encapsulation solutions, evocore® preserves the magic of flavor and translates it into winning taste solutions for customers' brands.

“Unleash great taste in your products with Symrise - your encapsulation partner”.

Flavor encapsulation, a passion for years

Your key benefits

spray drying:
evospray® - evodry® - evostar®

Pioneering technology for a full taste experience, with consistent quality, at affordable prices, available globally.

  • Highly cost-efficient
  • Fully taste consistent performance
  • Instant solubility & flavor release
  • Easy to apply in dry mix, no-deblending
  • Sugar-free carrier systems available

evogran® - evogran® coating

A unique technology for optimal flexibility (in color and shape) for a natural appeal.

  • High flavor impact

  • Long-lasting taste experience
  • Superior price-performance ratio
  • Granule color and shape flexibility
  • Sugar-free carrier systems available

evoglass® - evoglass® SF

Ultimately flexible. Ultimately stable. Made to appeal. 

  • Continuous flavor release
  • Visually appealing
  • Long shelf-life, dust-free and free-flowing
  • Sugar-free matrix for sugar-free products

drip casting:
evocap® - evocap® alginate -  evopearls®

An outstanding flavor burst in sweet applications for exciting taste experiences.

  • Outstanding intense flavor impact

  • Continuous flavor release
  • Visually appealing flavor particles
  • Dust-free and free-flowing
  • Longest-lasting taste experience
  • Sugar-free matrix for sugar-free products
  • Vegan, kosher and halal solutions (for evocap® alginate and evopearls®)
evocore® is our family of encapsulation solutions, born to perform, delivering fit-for-purpose flavor performance, at an attractive cost-in-use.

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