Great taste for plant-based protein products — Supporting a healthy lifestyle

Plant-based products are trending right now, with consumers eager to reduce their animal protein intake. Alternative proteins in food and beverages are poised with growth, driven by sustainability and health considerations as well as the consumer desire to try out novel dishes, snacks and drinks.

39 %

of people across seven European countries now purchase vegetarian and vegan food

38 %

of US consumers are trying to incorporate more plants into their diets


of Chinese consumers adopt various products and also plant-based food to balance their daily diet 


is the estimate of a new study by Meticulous Research for the market growth rate in Latin America for the plant-based industry between 2020 and 2027

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What consumers consider to be most important

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Inspiring market insights

Natural masking

Neutral and culinary typified masking to solve protein-specific taste balancing challenges. Foodstuff solutions also available for clean label products.

Vegan meat taste

Authentic vegan meat solutions for all meat types, including beef, pork, chicken, fish and more. Meeting market requirements, such as halal and allergen free.

Vegetable taste

Wide range of culinary complex vegetable taste solutions, including foodstuff for clean label products. All key vegetable profiles for yummy results.

Enrichment taste blocks

Consumers crave rich and juicy plant-based products. Solutions for fattiness, richness and umami perception without altering overall profile.

Food protection derived from natural ingredients

Protect and balance food from degradation over time with naturally derived solutions.

Consumer and market understanding

Deep consumer and market understanding, leading to better suited plant-based products. Decoding the spectrum of flexitarians, vegans and vegetarians.

Culinary and application expertise

Supporting co-creation through technical development and application expertise.

Products like veggie burgers or coconut ice cream are now going beyond vegan or vegetarian diets: An ever growing part of the global population adopts a so-called flexitarian lifestyle, which alternates dishes of animal with plant-based proteins. If you enjoyed minced meat today, you may want to try a chick pea based falafel dish tomorrow?

This goes hand in hand with another big trend. In general today’s consumers look for fresh, kitchen like ingredients. Proprietary Symrise research revealed that consumers look for products with natural ingredients and clean, clear labelling when it comes to plant-based products.COVID-19 accelerated the interest in this product category, which consumers consider “good for you”. Offering meat replacers and novel plant-based products with comparable nutritional values at an affordable price has become more relevant than ever.

Symrise assists food and beverage manufacturers striving to deliver against this trend. We believe in the positive impact this segment can make on today’s and tomorrow’s food system: As one of the founders of the taste industry (we pioneered aromatic vanillin synthesis in 1874), Symrise brings from its long standing taste expertise. It has built an extensive toolbox with industry leading patent strength. Its taste balancing capabilities include the masking of off-notes, rebalancing taste and delivering juiciness to plant-based product bases. To make plant proteins delicious Symrise is combining this balanced taste with its richness tools. They comprise our unique backward integrated onion raw materials and top notes. They can impart specific meaty or spice notes, delivers unique culinary complexity, resulting in superior consumer taste experiences. The more consumers turn to a plant-based diet, the less emissions from traditional cattle farming will be created, improving our environmental footprint.

How Symrise can help to develop great tasting plant-based products

Symrise provides an integrated solution delivering taste, juiciness and culinary complexity for both meat mimicking and plant-based products.

Symrise brings in more than two decades of proprietary Taste Balancing Research. This helps to overcome a key consumption barrier of plant-based products: Unwanted off-notes of popular proteins such as pea, making related products taste delicious. Symrise offers various taste profiles such as natural, authentic vegan meat flavors or natural vegetable taste and complex culinary notes.

symlife™ taste balancing solutions make alternative protein products taste great

With its expertise, Symrise helps deliver against consumer expectations regarding great tasting, nutritious and healthier plant-based products. At the same time, it addresses the need for solution efficacy and cost effectiveness of food and beverage manufacturers. We offer a partnership and ecosystem that enables agile and flexible solutions in combination with profound flavor expertise to create natural authentic vegan meat notes.

We use our more than 140 years of taste research to innovate in plant-based protein taste solutions at fast pace. For this, we are combining taste, protein base and commercial expertise for our customers’ and their end consumers’ benefit.

What makes Symrise well-prepared to participate in the protein growth opportunity?

Our holistic approach to innovation. Deep insights into ingredients and consumer needs. Processes as well as product development.

A proven track record shows that we find the right answers for the increasing demand of alternative protein based products and technical challenges (functionality and taste) and satisfy the demands of our customers and consumers without compromising on taste.

Your benefits with us

  1. Consumer and Market Understanding
  2. Taste, Nutrition and Health Capabilities
    (incl. Formulation Expertise and Recipe Design)
  3. Ecosystems & Partnership Approach
  4. Regulatory Understanding and Consultancy
  5. Flexible Business Models

We understand the value chain and bring together commercial, protein base and taste expertise. This enables us to act as partner of choice to deliver great tasting solutions for plant-based products.

Symrise is your partner for integrated solutions covering taste, juiciness and mouthfeel for nutritious and healthier plant-based protein products and a sustainable food system. Our broad range of solutions help us answering all customer and consumer requirements for meat and dairy mimicking plant-based products with regards to taste, culinary complexity as well as clean and clear labeling.

Your success through our capabilities and technologies

  • symlife™ Taste Balancing solutions (incl. natural flavor & foodstuff)
  • Collection of vegan and natural beef & chicken flavors
  • Portfolio of herbs & spice as well as vegetable solutions (natural)
  • Extensive knowledge of base development (Protein Centers of Excellence)

Value proposition for you

Best naturals
Made from natural rice flour, onion juice concentrate and quinoa, with no taste enhancers or functional ingredients and at an efficient cost-in-use level.

Applied science
Novel fermentation and modern drying processes deliver typical notes such as fried or cooked, with minimal processing and pressure-cooking.

Regulatory guidance
Clear and transparent food labelling options through kitchen-like ingredients and familiar preparation methods.

Consumer driven
Natural and rebalanced taste combined with the rich and juicy profiles consumers love to see in plant-based food.

Work with Symrise on unique plant-based products that offer consumers a perfect solution and keep up with trends. Join us, dive into this new world and win it over.

Your profits at a glance…


Provide improved tasty solutions and new innovative taste experiences. Mask unwanted notes and optimize overall profiles to create winning tastes to drive consumer preference.


Consumer preferred declaration options supporting clean and clear labeling.


Increased taste performance efficiency for consumer products.


Making products with fortified nutritional profiles taste great. Enabling great taste in products with enriched desirable or removed undesirable ingredients


Deep consumer understanding and expertise on preference drivers. Perfect implementation of juiciness, umami, fattiness, mouthfeel and succulence.


Profound scientific understanding of plant proteins and respective masking solutions through natural processes


Promoting everyday health, everywhere. Making healthy eating easy by making it enjoyable.

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