symlife™ taste balancing supports in making good-for-you products taste great

Over the past decades, consumers, retailers and regulators have grown increasingly aware of the detrimental health effects associated with immoderate sugar, sodium and fat intake, such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. While government bodies and health institutions advocate a reduction of these, taste still drives consumer preference.

Symrise maintains a long-standing research and development program delivering taste balancing solutions against this macro-trend. The symlife™ portfolio helps to bridge taste gaps in good-for-you products like sugar reduced food and beverages. This makes them taste great and actively promotes everyday health, everywhere.

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Great taste for good-for-you products and healthier lifestyles

After more than two decades of delivering winning taste balancing solutions, Symrise operates an extensive toolbox: Our symlife™ portfolio helps make good-for-you products taste great and actively contributes to healthier and more sustainable diets.

symlife™ provides a holistic approach to bridge taste gaps for products in 3 areas:



Optimizing overall taste profiles of products to create winning taste



Enabling great taste in products with fortified nutritional profiles like sugar-reduced food and beverages



Offering balanced and tasty everyday products that make healthy eating easy

We support food and beverage manufacturers with a global approach combining the understanding of natural ingredients and recipes, legal requirements, product and process development with our core taste expertise and deep market understanding to develop consumer preferred products.

Symrise’s ambition is to provide best-in-class integrated taste balancing solutions which leverage our market leading capabilities and complementary partners’ ecosystems. We deliver against the consumer need of great taste in good-for-you products by providing solutions in the following 6 areas:

While symlife™ offers these different taste balancing solutions (incl. sodium, umami, masking, fat, sensates), Symrise’s special expertise lies in balancing taste in the context of sweet taste - comprising the optimization of sweet taste profiles as well as the masking or reduction of undesirable aroma and taste effects.

This spans across reduced sugar product applications in beverages, dairy, snacks and sweet goods as well as even culinary applications like ketchup or ready meals.

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Our strengths - your benefits

Consumer and market understanding

Symrise employs a wide array of sensory and analytical tools to understand evolving market trends and consumer needs around good-for-you products. To generate these insights, we work with a broad variety of proprietary and external tools.

Taste capabilities

To support the reformulation of sugar reduced products, we leverage our extensive portfolio of taste solutions: juiciness, mouthfeel, masking, flavor protection technologies and synergistic top notes. Our modular approach addresses onset, intensity, richness and finish of the respective taste sensation.

Natural taste balancing solutions

Symrise sets itself apart with a leading range of natural taste balancing solutions. It includes industry leading patent strength in naturally optimizing sweet taste profiles and rebalancing mouthfeel in sugar reduced products.

Application expertise

Thanks to Symrise’s decade spanning experience, application know-how and analytical capabilities, we can employ our taste balancing toolbox to precisely tailor the modulation solution to the specific customer’s end uses and formula needs.

Ecosystem approach

Collaborating with external expert partners allows us to deliver the best possible taste for products low in sugar. In this, we combine decades of exclusive in-house research with leading experts in their field of both academia and industry.

Regulatory understanding and consultancy

Our in depth understanding of the global regulatory context of taste modulation is a differentiator for Symrise: Our regulatory team helps customers navigate the complex regulatory landscape to determine market relevant labeling and on pack claims.

The value for our customers are taste solutions that work in their end product, drive preference via great taste, are cost effective and give them a unique edge versus many for their competitors with a natural label and robust supply chain.

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