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The demand for chicken has risen to new peaks. In addition, this trend gets a considerable boost from the current market environment of volatility and uncertainty, as well as widening applications for chicken and chicken-adjacent products. In fact, all global chicken market forecasts agree: The market will expand significantly over the next five years.


Global chicken market
in 2027

Favor Sustainability

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To meet consumer needs, innovate, and deliver business growth, companies must master supply and quality challenges while cutting the frustrations that stem from juggling multiple suppliers.

At Symrise, we offer
the best of nature
and the best of science.
Nicolas Basch, Culinary Development and Portfolio Director

Symrise chicken and protein solutions: Your key benefits at a glance

From sustainable sourcing, respect for animal welfare, and full traceability to state-of-the-art consumer-guided flavor development and expertise, Symrise brings fresh, chicken raw materials together with research-driven tools and technologies. 

Our solutions toolbox helps companies address their category challenges and deliver best-in-class performance with products that meet (and exceed) the needs of today’s consumers.

You will find some of the primary advantages of our
Chicken Taste Solution Toolbox you can leverage here:

High-impact organic chicken taste
You can use the widest range of flavor, from high-intensity flavors to organic-certified foodstuffs.

Profit from an industry leader in sustainability with a deeply ingrained sustainability culture, offering tangible on-pack details of environmental policies.

Full traceability
Our world-leading sourcing and backward integration for the vast majority of culinary raw materials provides you with traceability for the entire product lifecycle.

Customer partnership
Enter into a flexible and accessible partnership. This approach brings you diverse capabilities and pragmatic problem-solving.

Local and global consumer insights
We provide you with foresight of trends and insights to improve your existing products, open new markets and unlock untapped potential for you.

Research, technology, and flavor creation expertise
Get access to world-class  science at every step, from sustainable sourcing to A.I. and process technology

How Symrise can help

The chicken market is booming and will continue to grow in the years to come. To remain competitive in this market, companies need bespoke, distinctive, irresistible, and cost-efficient offerings that support the conscious consumer’s lifestyle and values.

Our comprehensive chicken portfolio includes a range of solutions from affordable high-intensity flavors to organic certified foodstuffs. These solutions are available across multiple formats like powder, fat, chicken pieces and broth, dry and liquid extracts among others. 

The Symrise taste solution portfolio:

  • Covers comprehensive chicken tonalities (from roasted to fried to boiled and beyond)
  • Works well with all savory applications
  • Meets religious, dietary, consumer, and market regulatory requirements

Our sensory and market understanding combines localized consumer insights, authentic, balanced homemade flavor profiles, outstanding performance, and controllable cost. Taken together, these solutions allow companies to achieve taste superiority with affordable prices to truly win the market.

Furthermore, our full-stream valorization, ability to challenge cost pressures with customized solutions, and backward integration that enables traceability make Symrise a perfect single source for comprehensive, high-performing, proven taste solutions.

Consumers expect quality, authentic taste, and affordability

The bottom line.

Consumers expect quality,
authentic taste, and affordability

In order to grow along with the expanding market, companies must both meet consumer demand and continuously innovate. The comprehensive, integrated taste solutions offered by Symrise can make this possible. 

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