High-tech innovation for home-cooked flavor with Symrise

Consumers prefer authentic culinary flavors. Can you meet their needs while ensuring quality and cost-efficiency?

In the rapidly-expanding chicken market, new and exciting taste innovations emerge every day. More and more food scientists and flavorists are now focussing on natural solutions that meet a rise in consumer demand for an authentic, home-cooked taste and flavor at an affordable price.

What does that mean for companies in the chicken competence? It has become more challenging than ever before to deliver reliable consumer-preferred and cost-efficient taste solutions for products.

Partnering with Symrise offers state-of-the-art flavor technology, sensory and analytical capabilities, detailed expertise, and target-based flavor creation — all by ensuring  affordability and home-cooked flavor authenticity.

By applying our deep insights and innovative high-tech solutions, we empower companies to take on the future of the chicken market with a trusted partner by their side.

Discover how our proprietary process and technology work.

Compared to industry standards, we offer plenty of technological possibilities. Our processes for cooking, dehydration, evaporation, reaction, and more deliver major differentiating factors for Symrise.Julie Le Guyader, Global Product Manager

The building blocks of flavor

Symrise creates more than top-note chicken flavors. We provide our partners with a comprehensive toolkit of integrated full-stream solutions. Our target-based flavor creation gets support from analytical investigation and deep understanding to deliver superior and cost-efficient flavor. 

The first step in delivering consistent and proven authenticity of flavor lies in identifying individual components and comparing them to our extensive compounds database. We focus intensely to locate the unique foundational building blocks of flavor composition, from aroma to mouthfeel and taste.

From these building blocks, we are able to create a map of flavor composition. This includes key flavor components like complex culinary top notes as well as functional ingredients like herbs, spices, extracts, and bulk materials, like salt and lactose.

Of course, the refined senses of an experienced flavorist continue as the most important ingredient to success.

Other proprietary solutions we use in our consumer-driven flavor creation process include:

  • In-house captive ingredients synthesis and technical know-how
  • Multistep thermal flavor processing based on enzymatic and reaction technology
  • Extraction and distillation flavor technology
  • Tailored taste modulation solutions to address specific consumer challenges
  • In-house enzyme-modified oils to deliver mouthfeel sensations in various applications

Our tools and processes allow companies to achieve more complex, intense, and impactful signature flavor profiles that meet consumer and market requirements while also ensuring consistency and speed-to-market efficiency.

The best of nature, the best of science

Ultimately, while high-tech food science can ensure consistency, cost-efficiency, precise adjustments, and predictive modeling of consumer preference, the key to a truly authentic home-cooked flavor remains the same as it has always been: good ingredients and gentle processing.

Regardless of high-tech processes, our chicken solutions always start with the best natural, real chicken. We make this possible by exercising total control over sourcing through upstream integrations.

It also means we use a combination of kitchen-like technologies, such as freeze-drying, air-drying, evaporation, and more. By simply scaling up the same kinds of processes a home cook or chef might use in their kitchen, we can capture the same homemade or restaurant quality.

All of this supports the ability to offer an in-demand consumer natural claim: “From real, fresh chicken.

Best of all, our chicken solutions always offer cost-effective solutions for companies and affordable products for the consumer.

The pace of innovation in the global chicken industry will accelerate in years to come. To defend your market share and grow your company, you’ll need to keep up while simultaneously meeting consumer demand for a home-cooked taste and flavor at an affordable price.

Symrise makes it possible for you.

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