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Symrise Aqua Feed name change
— Name change reflects ambition to accelerate Aqua Feed business development

Diana Aqua, a business unit of Symrise Taste, Nutrition & Health, has announced that it has begun operating under a new name. The key player in producing functional ingredients and palatability enhancers that help aquafeed manufacturers to develop high performance feeds with reliable and proven solutions will operate under the name of Symrise Aqua Feed, effective January 1, 2022.

This rebranding strategy reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. As part of Symrise AG since 2014, the Aqua Feed Business Unit of the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment benefits from the notoriety and resources of Symrise. They will help opening additional markets worldwide.
The rebrand includes the name change, the Symrise logo and a website relaunch. The website will go online in the coming months. It will highlight the product range (Extrapal, Actipal and Nutri) and help to provide a greater level of communication for existing and prospective clients.
Vincent Percier, Marketing & Strategic Development Director at Symrise Aqua Feed, commented: “In 2021, we changed our range and product names portfolio for more clarity and simplification. In the beginning of 2022, we continue our journey by becoming Symrise Aqua Feed. This represents the next step toward simplicity and easier understanding of our identity. Our name change reflects our dedication to the aquafeed industry and the endorsement of Symrise, a global brand carrying great visibility, great reputation and strength.”
Sylvain Lacladere, General Manager at Symrise Aqua Feed, added: “This forms a major milestone for the aquaculture division. Moving from Diana Aqua to Symrise Aqua Feed includes a change of name and also signifies a confirmation of the willingness by Symrise to continually invest on providing innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers all around the world. We will start writing a new page and I feel excited to set out on this adventure.”
Symrise Aqua Feed accelerates our present and prepares our unique future.
For more information about the name change or to know more about Symrise Aqua Feed, please visit: www.diana-aqua.com

About Symrise Aqua Feed:
Symrise Aqua Feed offers sustainable ingredients and services that help aquafeed manufacturers to develop high-performance feeds with reliable and proven solutions, ensuring consistent feed intake and performance. Symrise Aqua Feed relies on a unique global network of scientific and technologies experts, a team of 150 passionate employees and three industrial sites all over the world. Within the Symrise Group, Symrise Taste, Nutrition & Health leverages the Group capabilities to provide advanced natural health & well- being nutrition solutions for the human food, pet food and aquafeed industries.

Symrise Aqua Feed name change