Speed-to-market taste superiority: How Symrise helps you stay ahead of changing consumer needs

How can you capitalize on rapidly evolving consumer culinary expectations for taste, sustainability, affordability, and more? Symrise can help.

Chicken is the most consumed animal protein, popular and accessible across regions and cuisines around the globe. Population and income growth are driving exponential market expansion, and projections anticipate this trend will only continue.

At the same time, consumer expectations have expanded beyond taste alone to encompass labeling, certifications, sustainability, and health — all at an affordable price.
For companies in the chicken competence, understanding and meeting these challenges has become essential and challenging at the same time. 

Shorter product life cycles make it difficult to maintain taste superiority and cost-efficiency. Competitors are constantly developing taste innovations and formulations that threaten market share. And consumer taste preferences are continuously changing. 

Adapting quickly has proven essential to keeping up. In order to innovate, companies first have to understand and anticipate the needs of their consumers. 

How can companies create distinct products that keep in step with consumer taste and quality expectations and get them to the market quickly, all while maintaining an affordable price?

Consumer preference prediction provides the key.

Symrise can act as your trusted partner in identifying and responding to evolving consumer preferences for chicken and consumer-preferred products across regions. Learn how our expertise in consumer and market insight studies, as well as our world-leading predictive tools, can help companies achieve taste superiority through consumer-driven innovation.

Superior Taste

Faster Speed-to-Market


We see a lot of emotion linked to taste. It relates to experience, to memory, and to culture. A chicken product also delivers a cultural experience. So we try to decode and deeply understand the product itself, and also the consumer needs and the emotions that are linked to it.Katja Tiitinen, Director Sensory & Consumer Insights (SCI) EAME

What can our consumer preference toolkit do for you?

To help companies take on industry challenges, Symrise has built a unique, proprietary toolkit that reveals consumer drivers of preference — including hyperlocal regional market insights — and predicts consumer liking. These tools enable more precise and efficient improvements to the flavor profile of products, promoting greater consumer satisfaction. 

With our tools, we empower companies to easily identify what will make their products successful. We determine the ideal taste and sensory profile, optimize specific product formulation, and craft a predictive model for future prototypes in target markets. 

Additionally, partnering with Symrise helps get products to market faster.  

How does it work? Think of it this way: When using predictive tools to create formulations driven by proven consumer preferences, companies can minimize cost, reformulation times, and reduce the number of iterations needed before finalizing taste and formula. 

Every consumer comes with a unique profile. Different regional markets will come with different predominant drivers of consumer liking.

This makes our investment in hyperlocal regional market insights support product success.


Decoding local authentic taste

Decoding local authentic taste.

Predictive Modeling Technology For Chicken

Our predictive modeling utilizes cutting-edge technology and processes to break the factors of consumer liking down into individual building blocks. We examine attributes such as umami, fat, acid, sweetness, and more. We show them as positive or negative drivers depending on intensity. From there, we can assemble the component building blocks into a cohesive flavor profile perfectly tailored to the needs of a given regional market. This allows us to design our taste solutions with the decoding insights of consumer preference.

The regional knowledge of Symrise builds on more than its predictive tools. We also perform culinary trials to gain deep insights into local culinary authenticities from daily, ground-level experience.

Our process involves:

  • Taste, flavor, and sensory analysis of target dishes and key ingredients 
  • Interviews with chefs and home cooks to understand recipes, ingredients, condiments, and processes of preparation and cooking
  • Duplication of authenticities in-house for flavor creation and sensory validation


Companies can easily take advantage of our wide-ranging culinary flavor portfolio, or we can also apply our strong market, sensory, and consumer know-how to develop customized solutions. 

You are operating on an existing market and with consumers, plus your own knowledge and insights into both. You also follow targets in terms of product quality and growth. 

What piece of the puzzle piece are you missing to make it all happen? 

Simple: Symrise

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