Our Flavor & Nutrition segment is where our experts work on modern nutrition concepts. More than 15,000 individual products provide excellent flavor, support physical health and increase culinary pleasure, among other aspects. The segment is subdivided into two divisions: Flavors and Diana.

Flavor develops, produces, and sells flavors and functional ingredients for use in foods, beverages and health products. This includes culinary products and snacks, sweets and desserts, dairy products and ice cream, and beverages and nutritional supplements. The central platform for developing new products is taste for life® – a unique tool for meeting consumer needs with market-driven and successful products.

Diana develops tailor-made solutions from natural raw materials, which help to improve the sensorial and nutritional performance of its customers’ products. This includes sensorial and nutritional solutions to reinforce its customers’ benefits in the food industry, as well as natural and functional food solutions and palatability enhancers for pet food. Another area are plant cell cultures dedicated to actives synthesis for the food, health and cosmetics industries.

After all, Flavor & Nutrition offers the food industry more than just flavors. It also delivers concepts, ideas and complete solutions that include additional functional ingredients, food coloring or microencapsulated product components in addition to flavors themselves. It supplies innovative products that provide the market with new impulses and help the industry to tap into the full potential of its brands and products. The segment also provides solutions for nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical preparations in its Consumer Health segment.