In the rapidly-expanding chicken market, consumers expect flavor authenticity, sustainability, and more … all without compromising affordability.

To meet consumer needs and drive business growth, companies need integrated, comprehensive taste solutions for all their chicken applications from authentic chicken flavors, powder, fat, chicken pieces, and broth to extracts among others. Symrise knows what it takes to bring home-cooked flavor, high-tech innovation, sustainability, traceability, and speed-to-market dominance together as your one partner to meet what consumers want today — and what they will want tomorrow.

Learn more about how our portfolio of full-stream chicken and protein solutions helps companies from sourcing to consumer satisfaction.

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Farm to future: Expanding possibilities in flavor trends

Consumer Trends Decode Flavor Analysis Farm To Future Market Knowledge Predictive Modelling
How Symrise analyzes taste and utilizes predictive tools to uncover and anticipate flavor trends around the world Read more >
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Navigating "natural"

Natural Transparency One Stop Solution Consumer Preferences Backward Integration Clean Label
How Symrise invests in harnessing the best of nature for all of your chicken needs Read more >

Full-stream chicken solutions: Taking control of the supply chain

Supply Chain Traceability Backward Integration Consumer Insights Sustainability
What do Symrise’s end-to-end chicken supply chain solutions mean for you? Read more >
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Global + Local = Better chicken solutions

Cost Efficiency Regional Differences Affordability Authenticity Predictive Modelling
Discover how global and local combine, from farm to fork … and into the future. Read more >
High-tech innovation for home-cooked flavor

High-tech innovation for home-cooked flavor with Symrise

Traceability High Impact Artificial Intelligence Predictive Modelling Sustainability Taste Solutions
Consumers prefer authentic culinary flavors. Can you meet their needs while ensuring quality and cost-efficiency? Unlock home-cooked flavor with Symrise high-tech innovations. Read more >
Chicken Changing Trends

How Symrise helps you stay ahead of changing consumer needs

Authenticity Home Cooked Consumer Insights Market Knowledge Sensory Insights Sustainability
Chicken is the most consumed animal protein, popular and accessible across regions and cuisines around the globe. How can you capitalize on rapidly evolving consumer culinary expectations for taste, sustainability, affordability, and more? Read more >
Sustainability in sourcing: How Symrise delivers the best of nature

Sustainability in sourcing: How Symrise delivers the best of nature

Traceability Backward Integration Farm To Future Agronomy Protein Sources Sustainability
Evolving consumer expectations are driving changes in chicken supply chains. Including supply shortages, rising transportation costs, greater animal welfare expectations. Will your company keep up? Read more >
Discover the one-stop solution for your chicken needs!

Discover the one-stop solution for your chicken needs!

Authenticity High Impact Home Cooked Backward Integration Farm To Future Agronomy Sustainability Taste Solutions
The demand for chicken has risen to new peaks. What if you could fuel growth with one partner for comprehensive, integrated chicken solutions? With Symrise, you can. Read more >