At Diana Food, we provide consumers well-being solutions to the food and beverage industry.


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The future of Food is well-being. Today, we support our customers to offer consumers Health, Pleasure and Trust, through four dedicated categories.

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Sweet & Beverages

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Baby Food

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Consumer Health

Well-being by nature

Today, well-being has become a key issue in every consumer’s life all over the world. We all want to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, to live long and happy lives. That is why we, at Diana Food, are fully committed to support each other in this common quest of wellness, by offering innovative natural-based solutions to actors in the food and beverage industries, providing Health, Pleasure and Trust to the final consumers.


Consumers are striving for healthy and nutritious food. We are committed to support a natural and balanced diet through carefully selected raw materials with specific nutritional and healthy profiles. Our Research & Development team work closely with a worldwide network of scientists, to set up gold-standard scientific studies that objectively demonstrate the consumer benefits of our ingredients.


Pleasure is at the center of any development at Diana Food as being essential in consumers’ sensorial perception of food and beverages everywhere. We developed a unique expertise to naturally boost the organoleptic performance of products whether it is providing visual impact, colorful and flavorful emotions or unique mouthfeel.


We are committed to select, preserve and guarantee the best of nature. Thanks to an integrated team of agronomists, we ensure the full traceability of our raw materials, and apply In close collaboration with our farmers and suppliers high standards sustainable farming methods. Quality, food safety and transparency are part of our engagements all along our innovation and production process, from farm to fork.

Our offer


Delighting your taste buds

We provide our clients from the food and beverage industries clean label and high-added value solutions that improve sensorial and functional benefits of wet and dry edible products such as soups, sauces, ready-meals, noodles, processed meat and seafood or snacks.


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carefully selected raw materials


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internal panel trained weekly to assess the product performance

A wide offer of well-being solutions meeting consumer expectations from Soups, Sauces and Ready Meals, Processed Meat & Seafood, and Snacks.

Soups, Sauces and Ready meals

Back to basis with authenticity and homemade solutions

Processed Meat

Natural & clean label solutions for fresh and high quality products


Health & wellness solutions to bring pleasure without guilt

Sweet & Beverages

Enjoy yourself thanks to our natural and delightful solutions

We commit to improve people’s lives and well-being, we design and provide to the food and beverage industries delightful and healthy solutions based on natural and sustainable fruit and vegetables. And to offer our end-consumers a full sensorial moment of pleasure, our solutions not only improve products’ taste but also color and texture. We achieve to do so thanks to the expertise of our teams of agronomists who select only the best from nature to offer reliable and delicious solutions to our clients.

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A strict varietal solution
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
An infinite collection of colors and shades
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
Fruits and vegetable recognition
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
Natural and clean label solutions
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
A regulatory support

Your trusted supplier of appealing solutions designed by Nature.


Color, health & taste solutions for juices, carbonated drinks, still drinks, tea & coffee, instant drink and alcoholic drinks

Bakery & Cereals

Visual impact and textured solutions for dry/filled biscuits, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, breads and pastries, bakery mix

Confectionery & Chocolates

Visual impact, taste & color benefits to your candies, chocolates and snacks

Dairy & Ice cream

Color and nutrition benefits in ice cream, frozen/fresh desserts, yogurt, fresh cheese

Baby Food

An offer for every step

Because we care about parents’ needs for the most natural and healthy food for their little loved ones, we provide to baby food manufacturers our highest quality solutions from a complete natural and clean label range of fruit, vegetable, meat and fish products.

And because we believe that only the best ingredients can meet our quality standards when it comes to sourcing, we strictly select our suppliers, based on a deep agronomy knowledge. Therefore, we commit to insure full traceability and sustainability of our products, complying to every country regulation and customers’ specific requirements all around the world.

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Organic certified solutions/NOP Equivalent
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
100% pesticides controlled
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0% additives
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
Religious certified solutions
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
A large choice of raw materials

A wide range of natural solutions based on key driving trends & baby’s needs:


Baby cereals, snacks and biscuits


Ready meals, desert and drinks


Milk for babies from 6 to 36 months, pregnant women and lactating mothers

Consumer Health

Nature’s best benefits

We work with the best experts in agronomics and processing to provide trustworthy and natural health solutions, responding to all your consumers’ needs.

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A strict varietal solution
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
A dedicated team of agronomists
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A range of recognized actives
Symrise Nutrition Food Pictogram
Collaboration with scientific partners
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Proven efficacy through clinical studies

Nature’s best care for everyone.

Energy & Vitality

Tonics, vitamins and dietary supplements, energy food and drinks

Women’s well-being

A range of standardized natural actives especially dedicated to meet specific women’s needs

Sports Nutrition

An offer of health & nutritional ingredients to support professional athletes and lifestyle users throughout their exercise routine

Healthy Aging

Natural nutrients promoting healthy aging in functional food & drinks and dietary supplements

How we add value

Our streams, carefully selected from sustainable raw materials

We provide carefully selected raw materials: fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products, wines and vinegars to offer you clean label solutions, standardized nutrition actives and functionalities enabling impactful product claims.

These sustainable raw materials are used to produce organic and conventional concentrates, purees, powders, flakes, granules, crunchies and pieces.

Our team of agronomists works all over the world in close partnership with seed producers and local farmers to develop and grow our selected raw materials. From the best weather and soil conditions, they ensure that every raw material meets the characteristics required by our customers.

Our competences: our know-how for all performances

With such global and varied markets, Diana Food develops high-performing solutions that meet all customers’ needs, in a cross-functional way.


Natural colors & coloring foods with a wide palette of shades from purple, red, orange, yellow to brown.


A wide range of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to create an attractive visual impact and various textures in your recipes.


A selection of natural ingredients to support fruit and vegetable serving equivalences, available in powders, concentrates or flakes.

Food protection

A high-performance range of solutions to preserve and extend the shelf like expectancy of your products in a natural way.

Our global network

Present in 14 countries all around the world, our global network is made up of 12 industrial sites and 13 sales offices

Thanks to our network of local teams, we provide the closest proximity to our partners, offering customers tailor-made solutions to perfectly match local markets’ demands.

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